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Market Leader
To ensure a leading share of sauce business with a significant in all major geographical markets in Malaysia and overseas.

Customer Driven
To excel in anticipating and quickly responding to customer needs and competitor activity.

Quality Products
To ensure consistantly best quality and healthy products at all times.

Good Employer
To sustain a working environment that attracts, retain and develops committed employees who share in the success of the company.

Service and Value
To provide overall superior service and good value for money in every market segment in which we compete.

Good Neighbour
To be a good neighbour, concerned for the community and the environments.


Focusing on excellence in all stages of production process through analysis of value chain.

Deliver friendly, quality service consistantly through well-trained and motivated employees.

Search continuously for improvement through innovation and research & developments.

Employ planning and decision-making processes that provide clear direction and sense of purpose.

Foster a leadership style throughout the organisation which encourages respect for individuals, teamwork and close identification with customers.

Strive consistantly to achieve agreed standard of quality at competitive costs levels.

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