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Soya Sauce Process Soya Sauce Process
Soya Sauce Process Soya Sauce Process

As years passed and the demand for the sauce increased, Tuan Haji Mohd. Tamin purchased a semi-automatic machine to assist his family and staff to bottle the sauce and later a fully automatic machine which could bottle the sauce to a level of 22,000 bottles a day.

To ensure and guarantee consistent quality, a special laboratory was built within the Kicap Tamin factory to analyse and manage the output of the sauce as well as to fulfill the country's high demand for quality.

The two Kicap Tamin factories in Batu Gajah and Kuala Kangsar, spread over a total area of three acres, presently employs 250 staff and workers. Using modern technology and machinery, the two factories are able to produce 80,000 bottles a day.

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